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Setting Boundaries

While boundaries might seem like a form of separation, they actually create more loving and healthy relationships. We are all one and yet we are unique expressions of Divine energy. We owe it to ourselves and others to keep our energies protected. That way we do not feel drained by the energies of others and have more to give the world. Your Angels can guide you to set healthy boundaries and cut energetic cords with those around you so that your relationships will be healthy and not co-dependent. Meditate often to know your own energy and use your Pyramid of Protection to keep you clear of unwanted energies. Your energy is needed in the world. Do not let others take...

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From “Survive” to “Thrive”

There are many who claim, and have rightly earned, the title, “survivor.” It is an accomplishment to have overcome adversity. When the situation is over, however, some will still declare to the world, “I am a survivor!” If that is truly what you are (by your own words), then the Universe will be happy to […]

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