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The Art of Release

Still bathed in the energy of the recent full moon, the spiritual energy allows us all to release what no longer serves us. You can consciously be part of this process through breath work, meditation, journaling and counseling sessions.  You will experience some release whether you do it consciously or not.  You may find yourself snapping at and harshly criticizing those around you. You might be kind and understanding when dealing with a customer at work, but when you go to a restaurant afterwards, you find fault with everything the host, kitchen and wait staff are doing and tell them so.  It is fine to speak up when you are wronged, but be sure that the message is coming from...

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Heart And Brain

The dominant view of our world is that the heart and brain should function separately. This is why we feel free to engage in wars and senseless arguments that only serve to further separate us. Our "victories" give us a quick high like a sugary treat, but soon, the high fades and we are empty and again spoiling for another fight. When we engage our heart and brain together, we speak truth, but our words have a higher frequency that unites rather than divides us. We access wisdom, rather than mere facts or emotions. If you were doing research, you would not read only one book or article to complete your project. You would gather references from as many sources...

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The Power of Emotion

From childhood, we are taught to suppress our emotions. "Big girls don't cry! Don't get angry with me!" etc. We bring this practice into adulthood and end up in bad relationships, dead end jobs and in the doctor's office. Emotions are the language of the soul. They are communication without words. We can feel the emotions of others in a form of telepathy. Emotions connect us to the Divine and show us our spiritual gifts. While you cannot have a tantrum or cry every time you feel overwhelmed, you can turn that energy into productive action, like cleaning the house when you are angry or taking a walk or run. You can channel those emotions into art or music, writing...

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