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The Ripple Effect of Self-Care

  One of ego's biggest traps is to convince you that in order to be a good person you must forget yourself and take care of everyone else. This can masquerade as generosity, until you can't do it anymore. There are just too many  people to care for. Eventually, you run out of time and energy and in some cases, physical health. Too much focus on others can distract you from your own healing work. "I know I should take time to rest, but my family, friends, boyfriend/girlfriend needs me." When you pull back, people have an opportunity to step up and do their own personal growth work. You get an opportunity to recover and heal and you have more...

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Angelic Assistance and the Election

As we move into the election week, the fear and negativity being posted online continues to grow. This is the time where lightworkers can really shine. While you should definitely get out and vote, what you should not do is participate in this fear mongering. When one or the other is elected, the fear will […]

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