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Removing the Mask: Seven Steps to Becoming the "Real You"

Last night, we were visited by a raccoon.  Raccoons have a mischievous and destructive reputation. They are known to carry rabies and will bite both people and pets.  They often run through the yard like furry, gray bulldozers, leaving a trail of trampled plants and broken pottery. This one was just outside the porch. Usually they run away, but he came up to the screen and stood on his back legs. He moved his paws much like a puppy does when it wants to be picked up.  For a moment, the mask he wore told a tale of harmless innocence. Had anyone fallen for the act,however, the incident would have most likely ended up in the emergency room with a...

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Scandals, the Internet and Our Psychic Senses

In recent times, the veil between worlds has been getting thinner. More and clearer information is coming in for those with active psychic senses. As the saying goes: "As above, so below.' In addition to more spiritual information coming in, more information and formerly hidden knowledge is coming in. Scandals and crimes are being revealed. More seem to come in on a daily basis. There have been attempts by those in power to deceive the public, but a quick internet search reveals the truth and stops them in their path. There is currently an attempt mounting to severely limit what we will have access to online. On the mundane level, we can call, write, and email our representatives in congress,...

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