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Your Vibration Determines Your Experience

Have you ever been out with someone and had a delightful time, but when they speak of it, it was not so great? Your vibration can change your experience, even a few feet away from someone who is vibrating in a different place. When your vibration is high, you will feel compassion, rather than pity, understanding rather than anger, and unity and love rather than fear. You can allow another to bring your vibration lower, but why would you? Stand firm in those fabulous feeling and give the other person an opportunity to rise to your level. And yes, you will have challenging days where there are more lessons than blessings, but as you practice positive living, you will find...

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Filling the Gap With Angelic Love

Like our country at the moment, there are gaps among Lightworkers that divide us. There are those who want to rage and scream at the newly elected administration, and those who voted for it. We are further divided into those who would turn away from the chaos and say, “Nothing to see here!” and those […]

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