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Three steps to a Perfect Thanksgiving

On this day in the United States, we celebrate Thanksgiving. It was designed to be a day where we gather with those we love the most and express our gratitude in word and prayer. In reality, it is just another 24-hour period. Hospitals and some stores remain open and larger stores prepare for the madness of Black Friday. People who have to work often feel resentful. They have to miss out on a celebration that the world takes for granted. Some feel pressured to create a “perfect holiday experience for their families. Adult siblings compete for the love of their parents, causing arguments and creating more stress. Dietary restrictions, religious beliefs, and political affiliations, only add to the chaos. All...

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Spirituality and the 'Real World': The Family

As we prepare for a holiday weekend, many families will be getting together. That can mean a time of celebration and joy or extreme frustration and hurt feelings. You may love your family, but you do not need to agree with them on everything. At family gatherings, focus on the things you have in common: Great memories, hobbies or stories from your childhood. As much as possible, avoid controversial subjects like politics and religion. You can politely, walk away, help with cooking or clean up or just sit quietly and practice forgiveness work. If you must engage, find common ground: the belief in a higher power, kindness and compassion towards others or the blessings of the Angels in your life....

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Samhain, Angels and Spirit Guides, Oh My

This time of year, while others plan parties and costumes, the pagan communities celebrate the Sabbat or Holiday of Samhain (Sow-wen). This is a time to harvest, reflect and seek guidance from ancestors, angels and spirit guides. The “spooky” reputation of Samhain/Halloween comes not from fact, but from our fear of death and things that […]

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