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Chakras: Building the Foundation

There is a misconception that your lower chakras are somehow less important than your higher ones. All of your chakras are important and need to be clear and healthy in order to provide balance of body, mind and spirit. Your base or root chakra is the foundation of your physical and energy body. Like building a house, the foundation is important or the entire structure will crumble. Your root chakra also helps to bring in home, finances, comfort and stability. So, when creating the life of your dreams, it is good to start at the bottom. To learn more about the root chakra, join Lauren for Class one of her Intro to Chakras series: The Root Chakra. This Thursday Aug....

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Before You Change

Before you change your job, home or relationship, try changing your attitude. Own what part of your discomfort belongs to you and empower yourself to change it. Then see if you still want to make the physical change. Open your heart and your Angels will show you what you can do to make your life amazing. Usually, it starts with you.  

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