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Changing Your Mind, Changing Your Mood

You will encounter things and people in your life that will put you in a bad mood. Bad moods are part of the human experience. It is hard to avoid them. You can, however, control the amount of time you experience them. It is only your ego that tells you that you need to stew in these emotions. Actually, making the shift is quite simple. Tune into the energy of your Angels. Ask them, "Show me what it is like to be free of this feeling." They will respond immediately. Feel what that glorious, loving  energy feels like. Now, go back to your bad mood. Which one will you choose? It is, really, just that simple. Only your ego makes...

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Remembering Pulse

Almost a year ago, I participated in a local LGBTQ pride event. At the event, the victims of the Pulse Nightclub shooting were remembered. I was touched by the tributes and honored to meet so many amazing people. It is sad that sometimes it takes a tragedy to remind us that although we might look, act and believe differently, we are all part of the human race. We all want to live, love and enjoy basic human rights. Let us not wait for another tragedy to love and respect our fellow human beings. I dream of a future where a diverse group can gather in fun and celebration rather than in mourning. Let's make that dream come true.  

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A Page From the Life of an Angel Communicator:

Acknowledging the stiffness in his joints, brought on by the chill air, the homeless Veteran hobbled toward the proffered money from my extended hand in traffic. His weathered face lit up in shock with the realization that the anticipated one dollar bill was actually a twenty! So profuse was his gratitude and excitement that spontaneous […]

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