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Restoration is Soon Upon Us

Over the past few months we have lived through many obstacles related to COVID-19. I have spent a lot of time observing the planets and constellations while looking for specific signs that indicate a strong turn of the tides.

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Are All Angels here to Help?

For me, because I've worked with Archangel Azrael longer and he’s been with me my whole life, I take his information first.  My other angelic guide is Cahara.  She has lived in the shadows for a very long time and she’s very powerful. However, she's also very wounded and she’s mad (upset) with how humans were left behind in their development.

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Take Back Your Power, With Silence

When someone says something  angry or fearful and you feel the need to respond, you have given them power. As you respond, they respond back and the fearful, angry cycle continues. The energy projects outward and other people, including impressionable children pick it up. As a new era dawns, we have the opportunity to teach […]

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