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Are All Angels here to Help?

For me, because I've worked with Archangel Azrael longer and he’s been with me my whole life, I take his information first.  My other angelic guide is Cahara.  She has lived in the shadows for a very long time and she’s very powerful. However, she's also very wounded and she’s mad (upset) with how humans were left behind in their development.

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The Empath’s Addiction to the Cycle of Violence

Does your ego need a challenge? I felt when I was in a toxic situation, I could help, change, or save someone. I would feel a sense of failure when my challenge failed! Do you value your worth based on other's behavior? 

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Mercury Retrograde Survival Plan

Now that Mercury Retrograde is upon us, we might as well make the best of it. This time is a gift from the Universe to see what has been holding you back. Here are some ideas for making the most of this time of rest, recharge and review: Keep a special Retrograde journal. Record anything that you are struggling with. Look at the patterns and see what you need to release. Brainstorm- Make a list of things you need for upcoming projects. Come up with new projects. Have fun with it, you can plan anything you want, no one is holding you to it. Let your imagination run wild. Edit and finish projects. This  is the perfect time to look...

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