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How to Not Be 'Ok'

A wonderful book came out a few years ago. It was written by Mel Robbins and it was called, Stop Saying You're Fine. The idea behind the book was that we constantly settle for "ok" or "fine" when we could be creating a life of "fantastic" and "amazing." Our lives are meant to be joyful and fun. Our spirit-given gifts are  all we need to create success. The key is to stop settling and start figuring out what is merely "Ok," and creating something fabulous from that foundation. What is it you really want? What resources do you need to get there and what steps do you need to take? If you choose to be "Ok" with a mediocre life,...

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The Element of Air

  The final element is air. Air as you might imagine, is light and can be unpredictable. It is the element of creativity and new innovations. It is the element of joy. Too much air can be annoying and distracting, like that sudden gust of wind that messes up your hair or knocks things over. Too little air can feel stagnant and depressing. We need the lightness of air to balance the heavier elements. The element of air is easy to experience. Simply, go outside on a windy day. Listen to flute music or better yet, learn to play. Feel the change in air pressure around you as your Angels draw near. Breathe deeply and laugh often and have fun...

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