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Projection: the Art of Avoiding Your Own Healing

Healing is a complicated process. It is ongoing and bumpy ride. One day you are flying high and the next, you are feeling like a failure and beating yourself up for your mistakes. The biggest mistake you can actually make is to try to run away from your healing. After a challenging healing crisis, you breathe a sigh of relief and say, “Thank goodness that’s over with!” You pat yourself on the back for your hard work and feel like you just got out of the spiritual shower. Your energy is squeaky clean from head to toe. You can’t imagine how you could have been so different. You wish everyone would be as healed as you are, but alas, they...

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Your Body Temple

You don't have to follow a particular diet or exercise regimen to be a spiritual person. In fact, judging or harassing others over their health choices is not a spiritual act. It is good to take care of and respect your body so that you will feel good and be able to fully live all aspects of your life. No single diet or exercise program fits all. You need to find one that works for your body and is reasonable for your lifestyle. Your Angels will talk to you no matter what you had for dinner, but if you are sleeping off an unhealthy feast, you might not have the energy to talk to them. As you grow spiritually, take...

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It’s Not Personal, It’s Just Not YOUR Reality

We all live in a very personal version of a larger, shared reality. Because of that, what seems obvious to you might escape the attention of another. Do not rush, to judge and label the person. There are things about you that mystify others, as well. Would you want to be judged as mean when […]

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