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The Lionsgate Portal

The Lionsgate Portal is open!  If your Spiritual gifts have been opening already, even more new downloads, insights and abilities are being presented to you if you wish to accept them. This amazing alignment between the Earth, the sun and the star Sirius, happens yearly and gives us an opportunity to step into our power and grow as channels of Divine energy. Why would this amazing event happen at a time when we are experiencing multi-planet retrogrades? Wouldn't that diminish the energetic upgrades? The answer is no, and this is one of the ideas that we must get past in order to step into our full power.  This may seem like a time of darkness, and it is. But the...

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Time to Evolve

We all like to reminisce and think back to our youth. You may have had great times. Younger times, with more energy, less pain and great dreams. All of life's adventures were ahead and the sky was the limit. Perhaps you come from a line of ancestors who did great things, passing that knowledge on to a new generation. Our past may be filled with wonder, joy or pain. You may have had a childhood of poverty, fear and abuse. What was doesn't matter anymore. What matters is who you are in this moment, and what you choose to do with the resources, strengths and knowledge you have in this moment. If your past was painful, then how can you...

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The Power of Knowledge

Knowledge is power! Sometimes new knowledge requires a change of behavior. If you found out something you have been doing is causing harm would you not stop doing it? The witch hunts were not about eliminating witches, but rather about keeping people scared and ignorant. Scientists, healers and philosophers have been killed for the knowledge […]

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