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Shadow Work: Dealing with Your Dark Side

Most of us learn from a young age that there two sides to everything. We have yes and no, good and bad and light and dark. We see the “yes, good and light,” as the states we desire to achieve and the “no, bad and dark” as that which we should strive to avoid. As children, we live for the “good girl/boy” moments, the good grades and the things that make us smile: candy, cartoons and summer vacations. We avoid the green vegetables, books and the discipline of the learning environment. While the lighter things in life are certainly blessings, it is our darkness that enables us to grow. The test that we breezed through may quickly fade in our...

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Finally! Mercury Retrograde is Over!

Mercury Retrograde is over today! Time to cheer? Have you done your Retrograde homework? What did you learn? What did you re-visit? What did you re-experience? These Retrograde lessons are important clues to what is holding you back. It is as though the Universe is giving you life coaching advice. When the Universe gives advice, it is best to take it! Your Angels can help you work out the details.  

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Sunday Check-in!

It is Sunday check in time! It is a time to touch base and reconnect with your Angels. Look over the past week. What were the biggest challenges you faced? What were your most successful and triumphant moments? Look for common themes in both. These are the lessons you are learning. Thank the Angels for this education and release the week. Time to start fresh! The time is now and your power is in this moment! Now go out and seize the day!

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