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Lions Gate Activates Your Cosmic Light Codes

Light Codes of Mastery and DNA recoding is being transmuted through the starlight tunnel of transformation. As the sun is currently in Leo, a powerful sign of creativity, boldness, heart, and pride it is represented by the mighty Lion.

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The Lion's Gate

The gate is open! An alignment of the Earth with the galactic center and the star, Sirius is sending a powerful, transformative energy to humanity. The ride may feel different for each individual. Like two people on a roller coaster, one may feel joy and exhilaration, the other may feel terror and nausea from the crazy ride. You may have past issues come up, especially since Mercury Retrograde is fast approaching, but you also have access to powerful healing and accelerated spiritual growth. The key is to keep returning to balance. Know that when there is a dip in the track, there will be an upward climb to follow, and that when the ride is over, you will be no...

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