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What Do You Really Need?

  Part of Mercury Retrograde is taking a look back at your life. What resources do you already possess? How can you use them for maximum benefit? Do you really need more? Are you spending money wisely? Are you really listening to the messages the Angels are bringing you already? What most people say that what they should do and don't make time for is meditation. This is the time where you find the answers to these questions. Find a method of meditation that works for you and practice it. Write down the answers you get and probe deeper if you don't understand. Your Angels want you to have all that you need and more. You just might have more...

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Knowing Yourself

  Take some time every day to spend with yourself. Knowing yourself, makes it easier to see when others are pushing their ideas and negative thoughts onto you. You can do this with short, regular meditations throughout the day. This personal quiet time also helps you to hear your Angelic guidance. Try it, it is free and easy!

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Angelic Healing

If you want to heal from a condition or situation, your Angels will help. It is not enough to recover from the “dis-ease” of body, mind or spirit, you must “uncover” the reason for it. You are welcome (via free will) to skip this important step, but then the problem will most likely return until […]

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