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Valentine's Day: When You're Not Feeling the Love

Valentines Day!It's the holiday you love or hate depending on your romantic situation. People get depressed and hopeless. They run after anyone they can find just so they are not the one, “alone on Valentine's Day.” Some people, having lost a partner due to death are left feeling ostracized by society, being forced to view the romantic gestures and over-the-top demonstrations that remind them of those they have lost and bring new grief to the surface. If you are in a relationship, it can cause problems too. What if your significant other forgets? Or gets you something inappropriate? What if the day doesn't meet your high romantic expectations or your social media contacts have pictures of lavish restaurants, baskets of...

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New Moon in Libra/ Venus Retrograde

Our new moon this month is in the sign of Libra. As we enter a new moon, we come to a cycle of manifestation. This cycle is about balance.On a national and global scale, we are looking at a balance between the masculine and feminine, which we have seen in a big way this week. So, for the next two weeks, we can think about the ways we can bring more balance into our lives. Do we balance work with play? Do we balance stress with relaxation? Is our diet a healthy mix of nutrient dense foods with an occasional “treat” allowed? The key player in the stars this month (and half of next), is Venus retrograde. The bad news...

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Responding With Love

Each day does not come with a schedule of  unplanned events or blueprint of the energies or moods you will encounter. It can be easy to fall into despair when all of those around you are angry or sad. It is easy to feel like a victim when unfortunate events and communications breakdowns seem to bombard you without letting up.  When you pull away, it may feel selfish and unloving to you, yet sometimes it is necessary. A little "me" time can leave you feeling refreshed and help you to respond to people with a bit more love and compassion.  When you can't physically, pull away, train yourself to do so emotionally. This is not the same as not caring,...

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Time to Evolve

We all like to reminisce and think back to our youth. You may have had great times. Younger times, with more energy, less pain and great dreams. All of life's adventures were ahead and the sky was the limit. Perhaps you come from a line of ancestors who did great things, passing that knowledge on to a new generation. Our past may be filled with wonder, joy or pain. You may have had a childhood of poverty, fear and abuse. What was doesn't matter anymore. What matters is who you are in this moment, and what you choose to do with the resources, strengths and knowledge you have in this moment. If your past was painful, then how can you...

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Prayers for Las Vegas

We are saddened to hear of yet another tragedy for our nation. Many have not yet healed from the recent hurricanes that took lives and destroyed homes. Now we have another shooting, this time in the city of Las Vegas. Our hearts reach out to the families who have lost members and to those who must heal from physical and psychological wounds. While we have a right to be sad, we also have an opportunity to empower and heal ourselves and our country. This incident is not about political affiliation, race, or religion. It is about a person or persons who committed a crime. That crime was committed against our fellow citizens of this country and of Planet Earth. Let...

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