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Mars- The Energy of the Warrior

As of this past Tuesday (Aug. 27th) all of our personal planets have gone direct. We are still in the shadow of Mercury retrograde, and the final inner planet to go direct was Mars. Mars energy is very often misunderstood. Mars in Roman mythology was the god of war. So what good could this planet bring, even in direct motion?Mars is the ruling planet of Aries. And, yes, those born with that sun sign are thought to be impatient and quick to anger.Not sounding better yet? Let's dig a bit deeper.The up side of impatience, is that impatient people like to get things moving. While it might make us feel pushed in some situations, most of us like to get...

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Full Moon in Pisces

Our big cosmic event of the week is the full moon in Pisces. We understand how the moon brings our emotions and inner longings and issues to the surface, like a powerful high tide, pushing our debris to the shoreline for all to see. How the moon is affected by the sign it passes through is not always so clear. This moon is illuminating the water sign of Pisces. Pisces is a dreamy, empathic sign. There is a lovely, kind and generous energy in the air. It will be especially felt by those who are clairsentient and feel emotions deeply. Things that are usually hidden are coming to the surface. Emotions run very high. Psychic and empathic abilities are heightened....

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