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10 Ways to Thrive During Mercury Retrograde!

Our favorite retrograde is back! Hope you made the most of your “up” time, because it's time to kick back and review the last few months.  During the three weeks of Mercury Retrograde the suns closest neighbor appears to move backward in the sky. This intensifies the energy of the planet and can cause communications, electronic mishaps and delays. The effects can be felt for a week before retrograde and a week after the planet goes direct. This happens three to four times a year.  This process is natural and normal. Like tides that go in and out and the air that we inhale and exhale, we need this time to recharge and refuel. Think of it as taking your...

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3 Steps to Moving Forward When Mercury is Going Backward

As we march to the end of a challenging astrological year, we find ourselves right in the middle of our final Mercury Retrograde. The good news: Our favorite bi-directional planet will be direct before Christmas. This retrograde has a strong Neptunian influence. So we have Mercury which is about communication and Neptune which, well… if daydreaming had a planet, Neptune would be it. Think of a time when you were listening to a lecture on a very important subject and your mind drifted off to chores at home, and who was going to ask you to the prom and how you should get your hair done…. Then the teacher calls out, “POP QUIZ!” To add to the stress, we are...

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Full Moon on Black Friday: Six Steps to Turn Trial into Triumph

Just around noon today, the moon will become full in the sign of Gemini. This comes during a Mercury Retrograde on Black Friday. What could possibly go wrong? *eye roll* Although it is advisable to take all of the normal Mercury Retrograde precautions: Over-communicate verbally, check, re-check and re-check again all written and electronic communications, and if you can avoid business decisions and medical procedures at this time, that is best. However, we are entering a new era. The era of the Light Warrior! As Light workers, we were sometimes oversensitive and avoided conflict so as not to feel the negative energy. We protected our sensitivity from the outside world to avoid new pain that we would have to heal...

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Out of the Retrograde, Into the Shadow

Dreaded Mercury Retrograde is coming to an end! So, are you ready to sign papers? Buy that new car? Install new programs on your computer? Talk to people?Yes! You can start to do some of these things, but it is best to wait just a little longer for the big stuff.The first thing you might want to do is release your expectations. Mercury Direct is not the cure for everything. Should you be happy it's over, yes. It is time to move forward.........slowly. The backward motion of any planetary retrograde, causes us to re-examine the issues that planet rules. Mercury is about communication, both personal and electronic. You know to double and triple check texts and emails. Mercury Retrograde is...

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Solar Eclipse and Our Inner Planets

In this Summer of Retrograde, we have reached another important event. Today there is a solar eclipse. This is the third eclipse this summer and the final one of the year.  The solar eclipse inspires new beginnings. This eclipse in Leo, highlights our hobbies and things that we feel passionate about. What have you enjoyed doing in the past that you no longer do? It might be time to start it up again. What did you enjoy as a child that you are no longer "allowed" to do as an adult? Did you paint? Play an instrument? Sing or dance? Look for classes or buy a book or do an internet search of something that makes you want to giggle...

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