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Are All Angels here to Help?

For me, because I've worked with Archangel Azrael longer and he’s been with me my whole life, I take his information first.  My other angelic guide is Cahara.  She has lived in the shadows for a very long time and she’s very powerful. However, she's also very wounded and she’s mad (upset) with how humans were left behind in their development.

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Hear It, Heal It and Let It Go!

Your emotions are the messengers of your soul. When something bothers you, your spirit is sending you a message. It does not serve your spirit to suppress or deny negative emotions, nor should you stay in a negative space.  Ask your Angels what the emotions are trying to tell you and thank them for the message. If the message seems negative, look deeper. There is always an important lesson to learn. Once you have learned that lesson, you will be showered with the gifts it brings. This leads to better, more loving communications and also, more prosperity, joy and peace in your life. Don't fear it! Hear it, heal it and let it go!

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Anael’s Holiday Message-Part two: The Power of the Light

The second part of Anael’s holiday message focuses on the meaning of “light” and how the overlap of the two biggest winter holidays, keeps our focus on the new reality that we are creating with our thoughts, actions and intentions, even though we may come from different backgrounds: “Lights represent new life and they represent, […]

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