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Mercury Retrograde: Relax, You Are Doing Fine!

Two weeks into Mercury Retrograde and many people are feeling beat up from the energies. Trying to move forward (which we sometimes have to do) can feel like running a marathon through molasses. You don't get very far and you end up being a sticky, tired, sore mess for all your effort. Communications can be tough, especially with those we love and spend the most time with. It's okay to ask, "Did that make sense?" Better to clear up miscommunication early on, before it leads to bigger misunderstandings and hurt feelings. Humor is your best friend. Don't take yourself so seriously. Laugh at yourself and keep things light and pleasant when around others. Take your time and check your work,...

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Every Disaster Is a Chance to Rebuild

We all have them, those days from Hell, where everything goes wrong and you make the simplest of mistakes over and over. You are not being picked on by your guides and helpers, you are being invited to rebuild. Did you make a mistake? What did you learn from it to take into the future? Did you have disagreements an issues with friends and family? What  did you learn about yourself and your significant others and how can you use that information to improve your relationships? When things go wrong, there is something to learn, or somethincg that is not stable and needs to be broken down so it can be rebuilt on a solid foundation. Human beings make mistakes....

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