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Enjoying the "Now"

The truly bad things that happen to us are usually short-lived. There is that bill to be paid or that deadline to meet, but each occupies a short moment in time. And yet, we often waste all of the moments leading up to that thing. We worry, imagine and create worst-case scenarios on our heads, when we could have been enjoying all of those drama-free moments. There will always be something coming up that may cause concern. The unknown is like that. Given that, we could spend our entire lives in a state of worry. What a waste of a beautiful gift. If we learned to say, "I will deal with that when it happens," and proceed to enjoy life,...

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Sunday Check-in!

It is Sunday check in time! It is a time to touch base and reconnect with your Angels. Look over the past week. What were the biggest challenges you faced? What were your most successful and triumphant moments? Look for common themes in both. These are the lessons you are learning. Thank the Angels for this education and release the week. Time to start fresh! The time is now and your power is in this moment! Now go out and seize the day!

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