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New Moon in Libra/ Venus Retrograde

Our new moon this month is in the sign of Libra. As we enter a new moon, we come to a cycle of manifestation. This cycle is about balance.On a national and global scale, we are looking at a balance between the masculine and feminine, which we have seen in a big way this week. So, for the next two weeks, we can think about the ways we can bring more balance into our lives. Do we balance work with play? Do we balance stress with relaxation? Is our diet a healthy mix of nutrient dense foods with an occasional “treat” allowed? The key player in the stars this month (and half of next), is Venus retrograde. The bad news...

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Five Ways to Manifest With the Waxing Moon

The full moon is the star of the show for three days each month. It is the one that gets the attention, that lights  up the darkness on the Earth and in our lives.  The new moon is a time of darkness, when we start to make plans for what we want to see by the next full moon. Another three days of influence. But what about the rest of the month? Currently, a waxing moon is smiling down upon us. A waxing moon is the moon between the new and full moon. for fourteen days, it sheds a little more light on the world. And guess what? It is a great time for manifesting.  The waxing moon is associated...

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Working With the New Moon

Tomorrow night we have a new moon. Some refer to it as the "dark moon" because of the absence of light. People get excited about the full moon because it is bright and  beautiful and lights up the night sky. The new moon is often overlooked. . When the moon is full, we release what no longer serves us. We harvest our blessings from the previous month or just bathe in the beautiful moonlight. At the new moon, we plan. What is it you want to achieve in the next 30 days? What blessings do you want to manifest? What do you want to begin? This is a great time to write down your affirmations and speak them aloud into...

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