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The Element of Earth

Are you an Earth sign? Have you been called "down to Earth," or just "Earthy?" Most people seeking higher consciousness, shun the element of Earth, believing that grounding will make them less spiritual. Just as a seed must be planted into the ground, we must connect to Earth in order to grow. Earth represents your physical existence, your body, your home your possessions and your finances. We think of the Earth as Mother because she cares for and provides for us and gives us comfort. Have you ever felt better after touching a tree or digging your toes in the sand? The Divine is present in all things, including the soil, the leaves and the flowers. To connect with this...

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True Matriarchy

We see the world around us through the lens of our culture and spiritual upbringing. Deviations from the "norm" are seen as a threat and must be subdued. This is currently the experience of many who fear the return of the Feminine Divine. We have never in recent history experienced a true matriarchal society. Yes, there have been women rulers. Yes, they have also had wars during their reigns, but they do not represent a true matriarchy. They are women ruling in a patriarchal society. Most matriarchal societies predate recorded history. We only have artifacts to decipher. But as archeologist uncover more ancient civilizations and question what we thought we knew about others, they are discovering a time when women...

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The Goddess Returning

Many people believe that Divine Feminine  energy  is about, planting more flowers, making men do the dishes and smiling and rushing to hug those who would try to subdue and abuse you. While feminine energy may be soft and nurturing, it is not weak. It is the grandmother lovingly baking cookies, and it is the […]

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