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The Winning Lottery Numbers

The most commonly heard psychic challenge is: "So, if you're a psychic, tell me the winning lottery numbers." If it were in your soul's best interest to win the lottery, you probably would (provided you buy a ticket). Rejection is protection. Many lottery winners end up more in debt than before the win, because if you can't manage a small amount of money, how will you manage a large sum? The struggle you face may encourage you to push yourself harder, get creative and reach out to others who will become an important part of your life. I don't play the lottery often, but when I am guided to do so by my Angels, I usually win just enough to...

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A Page From the Life of an Angel Communicator:

Acknowledging the stiffness in his joints, brought on by the chill air, the homeless Veteran hobbled toward the proffered money from my extended hand in traffic. His weathered face lit up in shock with the realization that the anticipated one dollar bill was actually a twenty! So profuse was his gratitude and excitement that spontaneous […]

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