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Living Outside the Box

It did not matter if I were happy living in the box, because if I stayed there, eventually I would die and then would be happy forever. I saw many otherpeople living in their boxes in misery, but they too believed they would eventuallydie and be happy.

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Mirror Portals

Mirrors are a funny thing - you can set them with the intention to close portals. Sometimes we need to clear them - old mirrors we don’t want to throw out, antique mirrors from vintage shops. The easiest way to clear them is through an angel symbol.

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The Mercury Retrograde Workout

We are one week into Mercury Retrograde. Do you feel like you’ve been beaten up? It’s not about beating you up, it’s about shaping you up. How long would you stay with a personal trainer who said, “Oh, don’t worry, Sweetie, two crunches is plenty. Oh, you ate a cookie? Don’t feel bad, go have […]

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