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Seeing Past Your Own Energy

When people are trying to see auras for the first time, they often do so by staring intently at the person to try to see the energy around them. That rarely works and most learn that you must at least partially close your eyes to see the energy around the person. That works to  a degree as well, but in order to truly see an aura, to understand what the colors and shapes mean and relay that information back accurately, it is best to close the eyes. When you are looking with your eyes open, you are seeing the person through your own aura. If your aura is blue and the person you are viewing has a yellow aura, you...

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Removing the Mask: Seven Steps to Becoming the "Real You"

Last night, we were visited by a raccoon.  Raccoons have a mischievous and destructive reputation. They are known to carry rabies and will bite both people and pets.  They often run through the yard like furry, gray bulldozers, leaving a trail of trampled plants and broken pottery. This one was just outside the porch. Usually they run away, but he came up to the screen and stood on his back legs. He moved his paws much like a puppy does when it wants to be picked up.  For a moment, the mask he wore told a tale of harmless innocence. Had anyone fallen for the act,however, the incident would have most likely ended up in the emergency room with a...

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Pushing Past the Pain

The past year was a rough one for many people. Sensitive individuals are being bombarded with angry, hateful emotions of people around them. If you are feeling uncomfortable, it is because it is time for you to grow. Like a caterpillar wrapped in a tight cocoon, you feel as if your current life cannot contain your energy. The tendency is eitherr to hide or burst free of your restrictions and fly.  Old school thinking is to hide, to run away from what frightens you to avoid pain and discomfort. Your life is not meant to be torture, but sometimes when you exercise muscles that have not been used, you will feel the soreness.  A little struggle, pushing past your comfort...

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Your Body Language

  When you meditate, take a moment to notice the sensations in your body. Which parts feel great and which are in pain or discomfort. Notice what your body feels like in general. What does your own signature energy feel like? Think of something great that you did, a high moment of achievement. What does that vision do to your body? Where do you feel it. Now think of a moment of pain or simply, a wrong decision. What sensations do you feel and where? These are your body's "yes" and "no" signals. This is the wordless communication you have with your physical self. When you have a decision to make, ask yourself if it is right. Then see how...

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Let the Past Pass

Your current emotional state is not about your past experiences. Don't let a momentary, passing feeling lead you re-live past fears and react from your old wounds. Every moment that passes gives you a new opportunity to heal. Don't waste it! Your Angels can help you heal those old wounds so you can let go of the past and look forward to new adventures!  

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