You Have the Power

Do not underestimate your power. You have the ability to overcome the toughest situations you have ever faced in your life and more.    Every conf...

Sunday Check-in!

It is Sunday check in time! It is a time to touch base and reconnect with your Angels. Look over the past week. What were the biggest challenges yo...

Changing Times, Changing Actions

I had a great time doing readings this weekend at the Brevard Renaissance Faire.  We met some amazing people and enjoyed the fun, creative atmosphere. My costume consisted of a lot of heavy armor and although I would have survived  a sword fight, I found that I could not bend down to pick things up. […]

Religion vs. Spirituality Part 1: The Misuse of Power

Spiritual practices are designed to connect us to a higher power. True spiritual energy can heal and empower. It was soon discovered by those in power, that these practices could also be used to control large numbers of people. By removing the power to change and heal from the individual and placing it in the […]

Anael’s Holiday Message-Part two: The Power of the Light

The second part of Anael’s holiday message focuses on the meaning of “light” and how the overlap of the two biggest winter holidays, keeps our focus on the new reality that we are creating with our thoughts, actions and intentions, even though we may come from different backgrounds: “Lights represent new life and they represent, […]

Stop, Where You Are, And Feel Better

Our lives are the result of our choices, whether we want to believe it or not. It can be hard for a human being to appreciate the wisdom and perfection of their own soul, especially when the evidence of this perfection is not present in their lives. Your soul came to Earth for a reason. […]

Angels, Dreams and the Rational Mind

The rational mind excels at making estimates. It forms opinions based on the facts and figures before it and makes a prediction based on what has happened in the past. It is the rational mind that says, “I can’t.” When we come to Earth, we forget that we were the miracle creators. The painters of […]

The Election and the Aftermath: Remembering Our Mission

The 2016 presidential election is officially over. You may feel a sense of mourning or relief, depending on which candidate you supported. While some surface things might change depending on who sits in the Oval Office, the mission we are on as Lightworkers has not. Our actions and energies are contagious. Which energy do you […]

Becoming Wise

Knowledge is the acquisition of information that you didn’t have before. It empowers you to make better decisions that serve your highest good. When in doubt, seek it out! If someone tells you something and it doesn’t sound right, then do your own research. Do not blindly accept the words of another, even if they […]

Presidential Election and the Aries Full Moon

A large contributing factor to the aggressiveness of the upcoming Aries full moon, is the stress of the  presidential election. I would advise you to do your research, looking at both candidates and make the choice that feels right to you. Then, stop following the arguments on Facebook. While you can (and should) participate in […]

How To End All Fear

The two biggest reasons for being afraid are, not understanding something, or feeling that it has power over you. Ancient people feared the night and the winter because they didn’t understand where the life-giving sun disappeared. They created rituals and made sacrifices to bring it back. When it returned, they felt that they had done […]

Sacred Sounds

Sound is holy and powerful. A highly-trained singer can break a glass with his or her voice. Sound is vibration. Vibration moves physical matter, just as music can stir the soul. The right music can turn a bad day around, a sad song can bring up a painful memory for healing. Music encourages you to […]