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The Lions Gate Portal is Opening!

Each year on August 8th we celebrate the Lions Gate portal shining down upon us and opening our hearts to strength and courage! In ancient times the star Sirius was known to many civilizations as Earth’s Spiritual Sun. This star is the brightest in the sky and resides in the sign of Cancer, visible to the Northern Hemisphere during certain times of the year. While the Sun’s traveling through the constellation of Cancer from June 21-July 21 Sirius’ light is blocked to Earth by our own Sun’s light. Once it enters Leo and moves away from Sirius it begins to depict a perfect alignment that opens a gateway of powerful energy. This is a compilation of intense angelic energy, astrological,...

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Every Disaster Is a Chance to Rebuild

We all have them, those days from Hell, where everything goes wrong and you make the simplest of mistakes over and over. You are not being picked on by your guides and helpers, you are being invited to rebuild. Did you make a mistake? What did you learn from it to take into the future? Did you have disagreements an issues with friends and family? What  did you learn about yourself and your significant others and how can you use that information to improve your relationships? When things go wrong, there is something to learn, or somethincg that is not stable and needs to be broken down so it can be rebuilt on a solid foundation. Human beings make mistakes....

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Feeling the Burn: The Element of Fire

When humankind discovered how to harness the powerful element of fire, everything changed. It enabled us to warm ourselves during long  Ice Age winters, to cook our food and scare away predators. Fire clears away old trees making way for new growth, yet if unchecked can destroy whole forests and homes. Fire energy is the energy of change.When you call in the element of fire, get ready for the ride. Fire can also bring warmth and comfort. Think of a crackling fire in the fireplace or the gentle glow of a meditation candle. Spiritually, fire transforms and eliminates what doesn't serve you. Fire can be powerful and destructive, but you do not need to fear it. Practice fire safety both...

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