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Cutting Karmic Cords with Support from the Angels

I’d like to provide you with a little exercise that can help you cut ties between you and the other person. Remember, this can be someone you have loved, a past relationship, but you keep thinking about another person and you need to just get them out of your life. 

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Love all, Accept All

It is not our job to get people onto our side. In a way, it’s actually our job to maintain those friendships because I can tell you right now that many people sitting in fear are also throwing away lifelong relationships fighting over things that terrify them.

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Pass It On

A beautiful tradition in many spiritual ceremonies is to light a single candle and use it to light another. The second candle lights a third, and so forth. The tiny candle flame represents the Divine spark that resides in all of us. Passing it along shows that we recognize that spark in others. Also, it represents, passing along a feeling or idea, like love, hope or happiness. To learn more about candle use, traditions and prayer/manifestation work, join us tonight (Aug. 3rd) for Candle Manifestation and Prayers, with Jinn. See you there.

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