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The Power of Pleiades

This Taurean star cluster was given its name for the seven daughters of the Titan Atlas that were being pursued by Orion. Orion became infatuated with their beauty and fell in love with them, continuing to evade his pursuit. 

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Enjoying the Present

Planning for the future is common sense, but visualizing a future that has not occurred yet with fear and dread, is a perfect way to ruin your life. We all have things that cause us anxiety. Sometimes the anxiety is justified, and other times the fear is unfounded. If you put your attention on the future in with fear and worry, you are more likely to bring about that negative outcome. Ignoring possible danger is not a great idea either. So, what do you do? You do everything you can do, in this moment, and then let it go. If you can do nothing else, then worrying is just a way to ruin a lovely day. The sad, scary, and...

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