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The Healing Process

The biggest worry some people have about spiritual growth and healing is that they will have to do something they don't like. It is as if the healing process itself is a form of punishment. When you take a shower, you must sometimes endure changing water temperatures (too hot or too cold), soap in your eyes and wet drippy hair. Is showering a punishment? Of course not, it is a means to getting clean. You put up with the little discomforts because you have faith that the end result is desirable. Spiritual healing is like a shower on the inside. There may be little or big discomforts, but you persevere because Spirit has a wonderful squeaky clean end result planned....

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Facing the Storms

As mother Earth expresses herself through catastrophic storms and other natural phenomena, we mirror the same chaos in our inner world. We must find ways to minimize the "storm" energy we feel inside. Suppressing this energy, only leads to explosions of emotions which can cause damage. Expressing it without filters can have the same effect. Find an outlet that works for you. It might be meditation, dance, singing or chanting, or writing your emotions in a journal.  Allow the emotions to process. You might even find as you release this energy, you will come up with new ideas, find new strength and be better able to deal with the stresses in your life.  Don't try to evacuate from emotional "storms,"...

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