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Releasing Judgments

Let that sink in for a minute - do you really want to keep those patterns? Do you want to keep that programming of “I'm going to place a judgment on you because I see you doing this” and “apparently you're that way, so I'm just going to decide that’s just the way that person is? 

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Out of the Retrograde, Into the Shadow

Dreaded Mercury Retrograde is coming to an end! So, are you ready to sign papers? Buy that new car? Install new programs on your computer? Talk to people?Yes! You can start to do some of these things, but it is best to wait just a little longer for the big stuff.The first thing you might want to do is release your expectations. Mercury Direct is not the cure for everything. Should you be happy it's over, yes. It is time to move forward.........slowly. The backward motion of any planetary retrograde, causes us to re-examine the issues that planet rules. Mercury is about communication, both personal and electronic. You know to double and triple check texts and emails. Mercury Retrograde is...

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Mercury Retrograde: Riding the Current

Many of you are already beginning to feel the backward pull of Mercury Retrograde. The very words, cause eyes to roll and fists to clench. During most of the year, we fear moving forward and hesitate to do so. It seems illogical that we should fear a time of standstill. Perhaps, it is not the standstill, but the fact that we seem to have little to say in the matter. It is not that we would have moved forward, but that we wanted to have the choice. It makes us feel powerless and frustrated.  It is like swimming against a strong current. You can only go so far before the water pulls you back and you go limp and allow...

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