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Mercury Retrograde: Relax, You Are Doing Fine!

Two weeks into Mercury Retrograde and many people are feeling beat up from the energies. Trying to move forward (which we sometimes have to do) can feel like running a marathon through molasses. You don't get very far and you end up being a sticky, tired, sore mess for all your effort. Communications can be tough, especially with those we love and spend the most time with. It's okay to ask, "Did that make sense?" Better to clear up miscommunication early on, before it leads to bigger misunderstandings and hurt feelings. Humor is your best friend. Don't take yourself so seriously. Laugh at yourself and keep things light and pleasant when around others. Take your time and check your work,...

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You Don't Have to Do It All

Are you feeling exhausted? Overwhelmed? Overburdened and burned out? That is a feeling that many of us live with. We accept every new chore or responsibility and heap it on the mountain of other items in our inbox, wondering if we will live to see the day that it is empty. The truth is: you probably won't. That is the way life works. There is always something new. Always an item that will be completed late or not at all. So, with that new knowledge, why worry? Do what you can, and take care of you. If you don't have the time to relax and recharge, you are doing too much. If your life is so full that you have...

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Three-Week 'Pit Stop'

We are now officially into Mercury Retrograde. In the past, this has been the time to snuggle under the covers and hide out from the world. This is old, outdated thinking. Mercury Retrograde is, simply, a spiritual "pit stop." It is time to re-fuel your vehicle,empty the trash and stock up on supplies for the trip ahead. Of course, the stop may confuse your GPS, you may lose a few minutes of time, but how can that compare to being rested, refueled and refreshed as you get back in your car and head to your destination. Take your time, Don't rush things and triple check your work. Other than that, just a quick three week stop off and back to...

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Your Space

Everyone needs a place that is theirs and theirs alone. A place that no one else will enter without permission. It may be a home, a room, or even a corner, depending on your living space and the occupancy of your home. You can even personalize your work space to make it your own. While interactions with others can be uplifting and energizing, don't neglect your own space. Respecting the boundaries of others starts with respecting your own. Make a special place  just for you. You can use this space to meditate and talk to your Angels. Just like plugging in your cell phone, it will help you to reconnect and recharge.

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Time for You

When you plan out your busy day, don't forget to set a side a little time for you. It could be for a power nap, to read a book or to workout. Don't feel guilty about this time. It is like putting money in the bank. If you deposit a little bit regularly, you will have more money than if you constantly empty your account. And you will have some left over when you need it. Take a little time each day to recharge your batteries. Ask your Angels to help you make a little "you" time every day.  

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