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People are Mirrors That Reveal Our Shadows

                            Some people are afraid of being alone. You, too, may have sought external stimulation by constantly trying to spend every waking hour with others, unsure of what to do when you’re by yourself.  You may even find that you spend all your free time on social media, needing to feel that connection with others from afar. Over different periods in our lives, we may all develop different vices when it comes to the fear of loneliness.  What we don’t realize is that the fundamental relationship in our lives is ultimately with ourselves. And the people we choose to surround ourselves with will constantly reflect parts of...

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Full Moon on Black Friday: Six Steps to Turn Trial into Triumph

Just around noon today, the moon will become full in the sign of Gemini. This comes during a Mercury Retrograde on Black Friday. What could possibly go wrong? *eye roll* Although it is advisable to take all of the normal Mercury Retrograde precautions: Over-communicate verbally, check, re-check and re-check again all written and electronic communications, and if you can avoid business decisions and medical procedures at this time, that is best. However, we are entering a new era. The era of the Light Warrior! As Light workers, we were sometimes oversensitive and avoided conflict so as not to feel the negative energy. We protected our sensitivity from the outside world to avoid new pain that we would have to heal...

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