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Shadow Work: Dealing with Your Dark Side

Most of us learn from a young age that there two sides to everything. We have yes and no, good and bad and light and dark. We see the “yes, good and light,” as the states we desire to achieve and the “no, bad and dark” as that which we should strive to avoid. As children, we live for the “good girl/boy” moments, the good grades and the things that make us smile: candy, cartoons and summer vacations. We avoid the green vegetables, books and the discipline of the learning environment. While the lighter things in life are certainly blessings, it is our darkness that enables us to grow. The test that we breezed through may quickly fade in our...

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Solar Eclipse and Our Inner Planets

In this Summer of Retrograde, we have reached another important event. Today there is a solar eclipse. This is the third eclipse this summer and the final one of the year.  The solar eclipse inspires new beginnings. This eclipse in Leo, highlights our hobbies and things that we feel passionate about. What have you enjoyed doing in the past that you no longer do? It might be time to start it up again. What did you enjoy as a child that you are no longer "allowed" to do as an adult? Did you paint? Play an instrument? Sing or dance? Look for classes or buy a book or do an internet search of something that makes you want to giggle...

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Be Your Own Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day! This day brings up mixed emotions. If you are in a relationship, you may feel happy and grateful. If you are single, you might feel lonely and depressed. A relationship, while it can be harmonious and fulfilling, is no guarantee of happiness. Your friends on social media, most likely, post their happiest moments only and leave out the fights, miscommunication and stress that can occur when sharing your life with another.  If a loving relationship is your goal, you must start with yourself. If you don't feel love towards yourself, you will never attract a satisfying relationship. You can have fun for a while, but in the end, those feelings of self-hatred and insecurity will come back...

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When Your Psychic Reader is Wrong

So, you recently had a psychic reading. You were told that money, great health and the love of your life were on the way.  A month later, you are pastue on bills, sick with  the flu and recovering from yet another disastrous date. Did your reader take you for a ride? That's always possible, there are disreputable people in every profession.  But, as they say, "It takes two to tango." Were you listening to the entire reading? Including the part where the reader told you what obstacles were in your way and how to overcome them? Were you talking more than listening? When you refuse to hear what the reader has to say or even argue with them, they may...

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Nice Words

Be always mindful of the words you use to those around you. When you use negative, angry, aggressive words, they will be what people remember about you. Such words have a strong, emotional impact and are felt deeply in the heart. Do you remember your worst day at school? Probably, because  the pain, embarrassment or injury it caused registered deeply in your memory banks. Just as the pain of touching a hot stove will prompt you to be careful to avoid future pain. Good, happy, joyful memories, take longer to bring up as positive emotions don't have the same emotional impact. That means if you have said or done something negative to a person, you must balance that by saying...

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