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Solar Eclipse July 2018

A new moon and solar eclipse join forces on July 12th.  While this might shake things up and leave you feeling emotional and unsteady, it also gives you an opportunity to start anew and clear out the stuff that has been holding you back.  When you signed up for this Earth journey, your soul agreed to this roller coaster ride. While it may look terrifying, all the safety features are in place and the bar is locked and fastened.  It may feel a little scary, but you will survive. In fact, knowing that you will survive, is half the battle.  You don't have to scream in terror, you can laugh and enjoy the rush. You are not here to suffer,...

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Light in the Darkness

Today marks the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. For early humankind, this was a time of fear and depression. Some may have even thought the cold and dark was a punishment from the gods and goddesses and scrambled to try to make things right. Others, rightfully so, were worried about their survival. They did not know when the sun would return and the land would again be green and full of life. The lack of sunlight can lead to depression, which we experience as S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder). If you are feeling the winter blues, you are not alone. Many people experience sadness this time of year. This Holiday season has been dominated by a challenging Mercury...

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Three-Week 'Pit Stop'

We are now officially into Mercury Retrograde. In the past, this has been the time to snuggle under the covers and hide out from the world. This is old, outdated thinking. Mercury Retrograde is, simply, a spiritual "pit stop." It is time to re-fuel your vehicle,empty the trash and stock up on supplies for the trip ahead. Of course, the stop may confuse your GPS, you may lose a few minutes of time, but how can that compare to being rested, refueled and refreshed as you get back in your car and head to your destination. Take your time, Don't rush things and triple check your work. Other than that, just a quick three week stop off and back to...

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