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To Be Right or to Be Kind?

Sometimes it feels good to be right. But it can feel even better to be kind and forgiving. Ask yourself, "Is it worth that feeling of 'right' when it hurts those around you? Or when the anger consumes you so that you can't concentrate.?" Let go of "right" and act with love. Ask your Angels to heal your hurt feelings and let them go. When you act with love, you may not declare that you are "right" but you will never be wrong.

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Everyone Has A Backstory

In everyone’s personal story, they are the hero and lead character. One person having one bad interaction with you can turn you into their “villain.” Everyone coming into your life has a backstory that you don’t know about. A child who is mistreated or bullied at school may come home with a surly, uncooperative attitude. […]

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