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Saturn Direct: Control and Boundaries

As Fall approaches, we are breathing easier as the dust of the summer's energies continues to wane. Beautiful, ringed Saturn is direct as of September 6th. Saturn is the planet of control and boundaries. During its retrograde, we look at our how we feel about control.Do you need everything lined up, neat and tidy? Do you want to be in charge of every aspect of your life, and maybe a few other people's? Do you hate being controlled or manipulated and feel like you are suffocating?What about your relationship with boundaries? Do you set strong boundaries and insist that others respect them? Do you fail to set boundaries and feel victimized by all of the trespassers? Do you regularly cross...

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Saturn Retrograde and Karma

Saturn retrograde is here!  Unlike Mercury Retrograde, Saturn Retrograde will take up a good portion of 2018. One of the areas this affects is karma. Karma is not so much a punishment for bad deeds, but a learning experience: If you touch a hot stove, you will get a burn. With karma, the burn might not be instantaneous, but it is the inevitable result of touching the burner. It is not a punishment, just a result of action taken.  Spiritually, every action has a consequence. Positive, loving actions will be answered with even more love coming back. Negative, hateful actions will result in a negative consequence of greater intensity than the original action.  Have you been less than perfect? No...

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