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10 Ways to Thrive During Mercury Retrograde!

Our favorite retrograde is back! Hope you made the most of your “up” time, because it's time to kick back and review the last few months.  During the three weeks of Mercury Retrograde the suns closest neighbor appears to move backward in the sky. This intensifies the energy of the planet and can cause communications, electronic mishaps and delays. The effects can be felt for a week before retrograde and a week after the planet goes direct. This happens three to four times a year.  This process is natural and normal. Like tides that go in and out and the air that we inhale and exhale, we need this time to recharge and refuel. Think of it as taking your...

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Solar Eclipse July 2018

A new moon and solar eclipse join forces on July 12th.  While this might shake things up and leave you feeling emotional and unsteady, it also gives you an opportunity to start anew and clear out the stuff that has been holding you back.  When you signed up for this Earth journey, your soul agreed to this roller coaster ride. While it may look terrifying, all the safety features are in place and the bar is locked and fastened.  It may feel a little scary, but you will survive. In fact, knowing that you will survive, is half the battle.  You don't have to scream in terror, you can laugh and enjoy the rush. You are not here to suffer,...

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The Ripple Effect of Self-Care

  One of ego's biggest traps is to convince you that in order to be a good person you must forget yourself and take care of everyone else. This can masquerade as generosity, until you can't do it anymore. There are just too many  people to care for. Eventually, you run out of time and energy and in some cases, physical health. Too much focus on others can distract you from your own healing work. "I know I should take time to rest, but my family, friends, boyfriend/girlfriend needs me." When you pull back, people have an opportunity to step up and do their own personal growth work. You get an opportunity to recover and heal and you have more...

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How Do I Love Me...........

How should you treat yourself? How would you treat a child that you dearly love? How would you treat a parent who has cared for you all your life? How would you treat a potential love interest who you would like to know better? Treating yourself in this way is not selfish. You are, simply, filling your glass so that you will have more to share with those you love. Ask your Angels how much you are loved. Then feel their heart warming response. Show yourself some extra love today!  

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Your Body Temple

You don't have to follow a particular diet or exercise regimen to be a spiritual person. In fact, judging or harassing others over their health choices is not a spiritual act. It is good to take care of and respect your body so that you will feel good and be able to fully live all aspects of your life. No single diet or exercise program fits all. You need to find one that works for your body and is reasonable for your lifestyle. Your Angels will talk to you no matter what you had for dinner, but if you are sleeping off an unhealthy feast, you might not have the energy to talk to them. As you grow spiritually, take...

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