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People are Mirrors That Reveal Our Shadows

                            Some people are afraid of being alone. You, too, may have sought external stimulation by constantly trying to spend every waking hour with others, unsure of what to do when you’re by yourself.  You may even find that you spend all your free time on social media, needing to feel that connection with others from afar. Over different periods in our lives, we may all develop different vices when it comes to the fear of loneliness.  What we don’t realize is that the fundamental relationship in our lives is ultimately with ourselves. And the people we choose to surround ourselves with will constantly reflect parts of...

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Living the Four Agreements Part 4: Always Do Your Best

The last of the Four Agreements is: Always do your best. For many, this brings up visions of hard work, stress and endless re-dos until the final result is flawless, but doing your best isn't always about absolute perfection. What is “best” for one person, may be impossible for another to achieve. If you have never picked up a violin, your best will sound nothing like a symphony orchestra player, but it is still your best. 

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Proactive Vs. Preemptive

Few of us have the option to go to the top of a mountain and hide away from the world. We must interact with society and live  "everyday" lives outside of our spiritual practice. The key to survival in the "real" world, is to be proactive rather than preemptive. When you behave preemptively, you expect danger, negativity and fear. You may even lash out at another to keep them from emotionally attacking you. Being preemptive is walking around with a closed posture, not smiling and feeling constantly judged and under scrutiny. This is the way of the victim. It is much more powerful to be proactive. Walk with your shoulders back, head high and smiling. It feels better and is...

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