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Pushing Past the Pain

The past year was a rough one for many people. Sensitive individuals are being bombarded with angry, hateful emotions of people around them. If you are feeling uncomfortable, it is because it is time for you to grow. Like a caterpillar wrapped in a tight cocoon, you feel as if your current life cannot contain your energy. The tendency is eitherr to hide or burst free of your restrictions and fly.  Old school thinking is to hide, to run away from what frightens you to avoid pain and discomfort. Your life is not meant to be torture, but sometimes when you exercise muscles that have not been used, you will feel the soreness.  A little struggle, pushing past your comfort...

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Psychic Protection

When you begin to practice psychic development, you will find yourself becoming more sensitive to subtle energies. This sensitivity can make it challenging to be around other people who have negative attitudes or seek to drain your energy. You do not have to allow this. You can learn to protect yourself. Join us tonight, June, 29th for Psychic Protection with our own Lauren T. If you want to further your psychic training and spiritual knowledge, you can purchase individual classes or a group package. See you tonight!  

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A Special Offer Of Angelic Assistance

I woke up early this morning, feeling the pain and fear of the world. My experience has shown me that when this happens, I have the ability to release it quickly, so that I can be of service to those who are truly hurting. We all have this ability, but for some it is less […]

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