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Spirituality and the 'Real World': Your Friends

You just get out of a great meeting or discussion group with others who share your spiritual beliefs and you're still feeling emotionally "high," and you see some friends. You want to share the experience you just had with people you care about, but you know they won't "get it." If you push your beliefs on them, they might not want to be around you anymore. Your spirituality is much more than what you experience at a gathering, it is how you live your life. Instead of preaching about how great your church or meeting group is, simply, show it. Your spiritual experience is between you and Spirit. Your friends may choose a different experience. If you cannot be happy...

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Spirituality and the 'Real World'

Embarking on a new spiritual path can be educational as well as exhilarating. To develop a fresh, new relationship to the Divine Source always feels good. If it doesn't you might want to consider a different path. When this happens, you may feel like talking about your experience with others and sharing the new information that is coming in, While those on a similar path will be receptive, others might act with everything from mild disinterest to loud disapproval. This week, the Angels will guide us through ways to live in the real world while still following the spiritual path that calls to your heart. Tomorrow's topic: Taking to friends.

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Angelic Assistance and the Election

As we move into the election week, the fear and negativity being posted online continues to grow. This is the time where lightworkers can really shine. While you should definitely get out and vote, what you should not do is participate in this fear mongering. When one or the other is elected, the fear will […]

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