Signs From Your Angels

When you think you are not getting Divine Guidance, you might need to "widen your search" for signs.  What have you encountered  that repeats? A so...

Angelic Decision Making

When faced with a decision, ask your Angels for the answer. You may get a physical sign such as a feather or coin. You may feel warmth or tingling in your body. You may get an image in your mind or simply hear the word, “yes.” Try this with small decisions and learn your signals. […]

In Your Hands

What happened in the past is gone, over and done. All of the pains, fears and hurt you may have suffered are behind you. You can learn from your past and heal from bad situations, but you do not need to stay there. Every breath, every second, you have the ability to change your present […]

Looking For a Sign

When you ask for a sign from your Angels and guides, do you remember to look for it? Jobs, chores and phone calls are part of human life, but always stop and take the time to look around you. The feather that lands at your feet. The bird that perches in the tree branch above […]