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Healing the Rift

  The reason we become outraged or saddened by current events, is that we see human beings. We see their anger and violent acts. We see injuries and death. If we saw the souls involved, we would witness a different scene. We would see beautiful, powerful, magnificent beings of light. We would see their human characters turn away from that light and cover their eyes and ears. They cannot accept that we are all magnificent, that we are all competent, talented and wise. They cannot accept that there is enough of everything for everybody and that the highest truth is love. Yelling at others for their unfounded fears will not solve anything. We can stand up for what is right...

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Mama's Almost Home

The Goddess is returning. We feel this energy right now as disruption. Like teenagers who are waking up the morning after and epic party, our souls are accessing the damage and struggling to determine how to "clean it up." We have trashed our home (Planet Earth) and are squabbling with our siblings. If "Mama" comes home now, she will not be pleased. So what to do? All you can do is clean up your own part of the "mess." What has been coming up for you lately? What injustices in the world do you find the most infuriating? What is needing to be healed both physically and emotionally? It is time to get serious. The Goddess Mobile is heading down...

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