Spirituality and the 'Real World': Out and About

While you may choose to keep your spirituality to yourself and be respectful of those who follow different paths, you will always run into those wh...

Spirituality and the 'Real World' : The Workplace

Most people spend a majority of their time at work. If you choose to live a spiritual life, this is the area where you often have the most opportun...

Spirituality and the 'Real World': The Family

As we prepare for a holiday weekend, many families will be getting together. That can mean a time of celebration and joy or extreme frustration and...

Spirituality and the 'Real World': Your Friends

You just get out of a great meeting or discussion group with others who share your spiritual beliefs and you're still feeling emotionally "high," a...

Spirituality and the 'Real World'

Embarking on a new spiritual path can be educational as well as exhilarating. To develop a fresh, new relationship to the Divine Source always feel...

Your Body Temple

You don't have to follow a particular diet or exercise regimen to be a spiritual person. In fact, judging or harassing others over their health cho...

Doing the Work

Sometimes when our dreams are delayed, it is not because the dream is faulty or that we are not worthy, but rather because we resist the most direct path to achieving it. When most people try to lose weight, they look for a new, popular diet or a supplement that will get them there with […]

The Angelic Art of Forgiveness

When a child in the house is sick, not sick enough to sleep all day, but unwell enough to be cranky and irritable, it’s not a happy time in the house. Yet, we understand that this is a child, who can’t understand why they feel bad, and why everyone else seems to be going on […]

Being Peace

Peace is a state of mind. It is not something that other people can give you to you or take away from you. Visits with close friends or a long-standing issues that get resolved, do not “bring” you peace. They only reveal the potential for peace you already possess. That is why sometimes when we […]

A Gift to You!

If you tune in to your Angels’ guidance, they will show you the shortest path to your goal. We don’t always want to hear what the Angels have to say, believing that we know a “better” way. This often leads to failure and the answer to failure is…….forgiveness. Forgive yourself, let it go and try […]

Meditating With Your Angels

Meditation is the cornerstone of psychic development. When you still your mind you can hear the voices of your guides and Angels and easily shrug off the intrusive energies of others. It can be challenging to start a regular practice, but once you do, you will find that you can even miss a day and […]

Looking For a Sign

When you ask for a sign from your Angels and guides, do you remember to look for it? Jobs, chores and phone calls are part of human life, but always stop and take the time to look around you. The feather that lands at your feet. The bird that perches in the tree branch above […]