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Blessed Water

  Water is the source of life. Our bodies are approximately 60% water and we would quickly die without it to drink. Water is associated with healing. The legends of healing wells inspired shrines which attract hoards of tourists every year. Baptism in water is symbolic of rebirth and spirituality. Cups,  the water suit in the tarot deck represents intuition and emotion as well as healing. Water is strong and gentle. It is the tidal wave and the light, spring rain. It becomes hard and inflexible as ice, conforms to any shape as liquid and flies through the air as steam. Dr. Emoto showed that you can program water with your thoughts and make it healthier. The next time you...

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Anael's Symbol

The symbol of Archangel Anael, the main Angel I work with, is not just a pretty design. Many have used it for healing and  protection with powerful results. Each part of this symbol has a specific meaning. Each part adds to the strength and power when it is used. In the middle of the symbol is an X. This represents the four elements that have been used in spirituality and ritual for millennia. This week we will discuss the elements and how they affect our world. Tomorrow: Earth.

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People who seek spiritual connection often get frustrated, moving from church to church and temple to temple, from practice to practice, trying to find that Divine connection, that source of unconditional love that makes all of the fear and confusion of the world make sense. They look for the spiritual glasses that make the world […]

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