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The Power to Create

We are here on Earth to be co-creators. Using the energy of Divine source to create in a three dimensional environment. Many people get sick or depressed because they don't create. They feel that creating is a job for the artists and musicians. Because they feel their work doesn't meet a certain, defined standard, they don't bother to try in the first place. Are you afraid to create? You must not be because you are already doing it. You create the day that you are going to have, the cup of coffee you fix in the morning, the delicious dinner you end your day with.....not to mention, the song you sing in the shower and the doodles you draw while...

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Retrograde Solstice: Re-visiting Christmas Past

Mercury Retrograde, when it falls during the winter holidays, is a great time to look at your family dynamic, both immediate and ancestral. What happens to us as children can affect our entire lives. When childhood memories surface, Christmas memories are usually quite vivid. Ask your guardian angel to stand beside you as you look […]

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Everyone Has A Backstory

In everyone’s personal story, they are the hero and lead character. One person having one bad interaction with you can turn you into their “villain.” Everyone coming into your life has a backstory that you don’t know about. A child who is mistreated or bullied at school may come home with a surly, uncooperative attitude. […]

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