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The Memorial Day Weekend

As we enter the Memorial Day weekend, we turn our thoughts to those who gave their lives in service to their country. While you may have negative feelings about war, those who enlist in the service are not the cause of wars. They are brave protectors who love their country enough to potentially sign their lives away when they sign on. They are people with families, friends and pets. While you enjoy your time with friends and family, keep them in your thoughts. Ask the Angels to see them safely across the veil. And take a moment to stop and say, "Thank you!"  

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Sunday Check-in!

It is Sunday check in time! It is a time to touch base and reconnect with your Angels. Look over the past week. What were the biggest challenges you faced? What were your most successful and triumphant moments? Look for common themes in both. These are the lessons you are learning. Thank the Angels for this education and release the week. Time to start fresh! The time is now and your power is in this moment! Now go out and seize the day!

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