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Sincere 'Thoughts and Prayers'

Sometimes, all we have to give are our thoughts and prayers. While some people will say this is silly, political correctness run amok, we know that research has shown that prayer and positive thoughts can assist in healing and create a favorable outcome. If you have no money or resources to help those in need, sending "thoughts and prayers" is perfectly fine, if you are sincere. If you pledge a prayer, then say one. See the situation as harmoniously and miraculously resolved, and give thanks for that happy outcome. Money is great, and will go a long way to help, but if you are working on your own prosperity. Wish someone who is in desperate need, a miracle. When one...

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Signs From Your Angels

When you think you are not getting Divine Guidance, you might need to "widen your search" for signs.  What have you encountered  that repeats? A song? A type of animal? A book?  Odd thoughts and images in your head may be your Angels talking to you.  Take a second look and probe deeper with questions. Do you experience smells, flashes of light or sensations in your body? Your guides and Angels will do what they must to get your attention. Don't make them shout or hit you over the head. Remember what happened to Isaac Newton. 

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